The story of the Sun lamp

The sun is back at VB ☀️

Our iconic Sun lamp with its vintage amber globe is back online in limited quantities and surely for the last time!

We explain why by telling you its story....

Shortly after the launch of the brand, I spent some time in Casablanca...
Walking around town and around a bend in the street, I come across a large, dusty store of vintage light fixtures that seemed to have been waiting there for years.

The place seemed frozen in the 60s but I quickly spotted a small batch of globes that would become the Burger Queen, Victoria and that famous little Sun lamps.
Talking to the seller, I understand that he has in his basement, under kilos of dust, globes that no one will ever do anything with and that have not seen the light for ages.
I negotiate as well as I can in very approximate Arabic and take with me what could fit in my suitcases, i.e. a few globes wrapped in newspaper, stuffed with all my clothes, cleverly arranged so as not to clash, with a certain haste to find them in Paris by praying to heaven that they arrive safe and sound.
These lamps are born and immediately fascinate me with their delicate amber glass which creates a warm light and magical reflections. It was obvious that they had to be called Sun.
I have always had at home, in all the places where I have lived,

a Sun lamp whose light is perfectly inimitable, both soft and reassuring, as a remedy for dullness. I am writing to you, by the way, watching it diffuse its golden halo.

And then I come back to Casablanca, I go back to this shop, I negotiate again,
I leave with a few more globes.
This time I bring them back to Tangier, I wrap them with bubble wrap, I put everything back in boxes, I close these boxes and drop them off in a passenger transport agency by coach that connects Morocco to France.

After having paid a sum in Dirham whose calculation was variable and a customs declaration form, I leave my precious boxes in the middle of a mixture of heterogeneous luggages with the rather pronounced anguish of not really knowing neither when nor where. ,nor how I was going to find them.
I'll spare you the weeks of waiting, the carriers who no longer respond, then who announce that customs have opened everything, then who no longer respond, then who respond, then no longer, then the miraculous call to tell me that part arrived in Paris suburb in the receiving agency.
Obviously it was not the one I had been told at the start. Those who know, know.

This path, I did it a number of times to bring back these globes.
And then one day I knew that I was taking the last ones with me and that I would compose the last Sun lamps .
These lamps are back online in a first drop, available with pink cord or green cord, just like the good old days.
This is the story of those pretty little lamps,
I hope you will want to adopt these wonders that I have been so happy to create and share with you for all these years ☀️